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Computer Programmer & Web Developer

About Nick Bolt

My previous work has included building and deploying various web applications that analyze data and display the results to the user. I have used a variety of languages and technologies to achieve this, including Python, Django, Javascript, React, and many more. I am always hungry to learn new languages and technologies to achieve this goal more efficiently and effectively.

My professional experience includes about a year working as a technical assistant at Nolesville Schools and a year of independent contracting for a few different clients. I graduated from Ball State University with an Exercise Science Bachelors degree in 2019. For business inquiries please email me at

Featured Projects

Powerlifting Stats

NASA Application

Weather Application

Tip Calculator

Guess the Number

Roth For Governor

About My Experience

Take a look at the links below to get a better idea on past projects I've worked on, my education, work experience, and other relevant information!

My previous work has included building and deploying various web applications that analyze data and display the results to the user. I have used a variety of tools to achieve this, including Python 3, Flask, Django, and Pandas. I am always hungry to learn new languages and tools to analyze data. Work samples can be found at GitHub

  • Developed a web application that analyzes and creates visualizations for powerlifting data using Flask and Pandas.
  • Developed multiple web applications that make requests to different REST APIs.
  • Built a website for a candidate for Governor of Indiana using Django.
  • Built several features for an existing application for a comic book company.
  • Built a website for a business, Employment2Deployment, using Django to build a blog with an editor with image uploading capabilities.
Software Engineer
2020 - Present


Front end Javascript developer, built cross-browser compatible user interfaces for the application without using any frameworks.

Technical Assistant

Noblesville High School

Worked with the MDM for the student and staff mobile devices. I have spent time troubleshooting issues on iOS and Windows devices. I am responsible for IT support at the high school.

Strength and Conditioning Intern

Noblesville High School

Assisted running 7 strength and conditioning classes, lead 600 student athletes through custom designed strength and conditioning programs. I also collected and analyzed data on our athletes.

Independent Contractor

Roth For Govenor

I built a web application for a candidate for Govenor of Indiana which included using the Django web framework, connecting it to a database and deploying it on a Linux server. I maintained the website over the course of 7 months completing updates as the client requested them.

Destroyer of Worlds Comics LLC

Collaborated with a client to redesign and build updates to a command line application to scrape certain websites for inventory data. The work completed includes scraping various websites for different data points, writing the data to HTML and CSV formats, scheduling certain functionalities to automatically run, and writing and reading data from a SQL database.

Employment 2 Deployment

Built a website for a business, Employment 2 Deployment. I built an editor for the client to add blog posts to the website with image uploading capabilities. I used Django as well to build this website. I deployed it on a Linux server and continue to maintain and update the website as the client requests changes.

Java: 1 Year

I have a year of experience working with Java. Projects done with Java include command line applications and working with the Spring framework to build the backend of web applications. I've done this with both monolithic and microservice architectures.

Javascript: 2 Years

I have 2 years of experience working with Javascript with client side scripting of web applications as well as working with the React framework. I also use it to build user interfaces in my current position at myhELO.

Python: 6 Years

I have 6 years of experience programming in Python 3. The projects I've worked on include web application development using Flask and Django, data analysis, and reading and writing to databases.

Powerlifting Stats

A web application written in Python 3 using Flask and Pandas.  It searches through a spreadsheet of over 1,000,000 rows to find the data fitting the criteria of the search.  The search page builds charts using Javascript to display interactive data to the user.  You can view the application at and you can view the code at

NASA Web Application

A web application built with Python 3 and Flask.  It makes requests to a couple of the NASA REST APIs.  It retrieves a daily picture of the earth taken by NASA's EPIC camera onboard the NOAA DSCOVR spacecraft.  It also retrieves data on the hazardous near earth objects passing by earth in the near future.  You can view the appication at and you can view the source code at

Weather Web Application

This web application gives you the current weather for a location using a REST API.  This was written in Javascript using the React framework.  You can view the application at and the source code at

Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science, Ball State University, 2019