Nicolas Bolt


I'm passionate about using data to improve outcomes. I use a variety of tools to achieve this. This includes Python, Pandas, Flask, and Django. Even in competitive powerlifting, data can help improve the results of the athletes competing in the sport. As a competitive powerlifter this can keep me on track of what I need to work on individually. Imagine what this can do in a team environment.

I am always hungry to learn new languages and visualization tools. As a strength coach, opportunities exist in combining strength and conditioning and data science. I graduated from Ball State University with an Exercise Science Bachelors degree in 2019. For business inquiries please email me at

Powerlifting Stats

A web application that searches the openpowerlifting database and displays visualizations of the data

NASA Application

A web application that retrieves data from two NASA REST API's and displays the data to the user.

Weather Application

A weather web application built with Javascript and the React framework.

Tip Calculator

A tip calculator application made with Javascript without any frameworks.

Guess the Number

A number guessing game written in Javascript without using any frameworks.

Roth For Governor

A website built with Django. A backend edting program was written to allow others with log in credentials to add blog posts and events to the website and contact forms that send an email with the form content