About Me

Let me tell you a few things...

Nick Bolt


I am a software developer with experience working in web development. My previous experience includes building and deploying various web applications that analyze data and display the results to the user. I have use a variety of languages and technologies to acheive this, including Javascript (React, Node, Express), Python (Django). I also have experience using Java, C, and C++.

My professional experience includes working as a software developer for myhelo, a technical assistant at Noblesville Schools and about a year of independent contracting for a few different clients. I graduated from Ball State University with an Exercise Science Bachelor's degree in 2019.


Software Developer

At myhELO I have worked as a developer primarily focused on the front-end. I have built different user interfaces using Javascript.

Noblesville Schools

Technical Assistant

At Noblesville Schools, I provided technical support for the students and staff. I helped manage the MDM that handled all of the mobile devices in the school.

Independent Contracting


I have built a couple different websites for clients. I also helped a business with writing scripts to help automate and solve some problems.