About Me

Here are a few things about me...

Nick Bolt


I am a software developer with professional experience working with Javascript and PHP. Outside of that experience I have knowledge using Python, Java, and C. Using those languages I also have experience using React, NextJs, Express and Django. Before working as a developer I have experience working in IT support at Noblesville Schools. My other experience includes working as a freelancer to engineer solutions to various problems, most of which included using Python and Django to accomplish this.


Software Developer July 2020 - Present

At myhELO, I have worked on both the frontend and backend of our application. I have built PDF generation tools, data collection forms for the patients, graphs to display the data in a useful way for the healthcare providers and other tools to improve healthcare outcomes. To do this, I have used Javascript, PHP and Git. This job has involved working in a product-driven environment as well as maintaining and updating a large code base.

Noblesville Schools

Technical Assistant July 2019 - July 2020

While working at Noblesville Schools, I managed the mobile devices for all students and staff. I assisted the students and staff with troubleshooting various technical issues and built custom Javascript forms to help with tracking those devices.

Independent Contracting

Freelancer September 2019 - Present

I have built a few different solutions for some clients. These projects were built to solve a problem that they were having concerning their business. Some of these projects were built using Python and the Django framework. Other projects have been data science related.